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Teacher, Print

Teacher, Print

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Teacher artwork in a Beautiful room with original art shown as Giclee print on wall

When he came at me, there wasn't much I could do. I had my hands in the sink trying to get all the soap off, when he kicked open the bathroom door. I could see him in the mirror, his face was all twisted up angry and looked like a demon possessed ape. I pretty much knew he'd come looking for me, because as I'd discovered five minutes earlier he wasn't exactly the reasonable type.

I know I personally didn't expect an inconsequential game of dive bar shuffleboard to end with a lip-to-cheek face slicing by a maniac wielding a jagged piece of broken Yuengling bottle, yet here we are. It happened so fast that by the time I turned to face him, I already could taste blood. Its speed and flow must have spooked him a bit because he retched a little before hightailing it outta there. I only remember a sticky wetness, and a strange flapping sensation. The owner found me first, and stayed relatively calm considering, but I could tell it wasn't pretty.

Next thing, I was waking up in a hospital, and hearing them tell my family it's going to take more surgery to get it all put back together decent. All because I correctly pointed out that when playing Horse Collar rules hanging pucks in the middle of the board are worth only 13 points, and not 26 like he was claiming. Well, you live, you learn.

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