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Rainfall, Print

Rainfall, Print

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Rainfall artwork in a Beautiful room with original art shown as Giclee print on wall

She wonders how much these afternoon thunderstorms keep her stuck living down here in this stifling little town. Had her aunt Francis not needed help last year going through chemo treatment, she doubted if she'd ever have come back here, to where she'd grown up. All she'd ever dreamed of was getting away fast and getting away far. And she did.

By the time she'd turned eighteen, she'd joined a missionary group, moved to Guatemala, and helped build sanitation systems. Three years later, she'd come back to the States, and worked graveyard shifts at the corner's office in downtown Los Angeles. As long as she was far away, she was happy, so she didn't mind.

So when she got that unexpected call, and soon found herself boarding a flight back home, she was in disbelief. But no one else would be there for Francis. And Francis was always there for her. It's getting dark now during day, the air's dropped 15 degrees, and the old wooden house is rumbling. Now she wonders if she'll ever leave.

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