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Opening Night, Print

Opening Night, Print

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The rich velvet curtains pull back to reveal the show's two lead actors. Costumed in meticulously sewn seams, and lavish, lush fabrics held together with hooks and buttons, the inaugural audience lays their fresh eyes on the starring pair. The scene opens outside the Colosseum with a young man and a woman locked inside a lion's cage raised up on a platform, being pulled behind a horse drawn carriage. Elizabeth cowers behind her husband Jacob, who stands upright and defiant against the vicious crowd. "Feed them to the golden cats!" they chant, anxious and lustful for a show of blood.

Jacob begins to quietly pray, while Elizabeth drops to her knees, clasping together her elegant but dirty, bloodied hands. Suddenly a brilliant white light streams down from a concentrated source above, and all actors on stage freeze in place except the two protagonists. Perplexed, they gaze up towards the light which begins to pulse rhythmically, shifting between colors. The cage falls away, and the stage goes pitch black, except the pulsing heavenly lights and the two actors illuminated underneath the beams. After a few moments, the general stage lighting slowly begins to raise back up, to reveal Jacob and Elizabeth standing atop a table occupied by a confused family of four inside a crowded downtown Tokyo izakaya.

The daughter reaches out to touch Elizabeth's leg, but her Mom sharply pulls her back. The father's main concern seems to be focused as to why there's now a pair of dirty bare feet standing in his freshly fried kani korokke, while the teenaged Goro gawks blankly at the scantily clad woman. Jacob glances over at Elizabeth, and her now very stunned face, shrugs his shoulders a bit, looks out towards the room and says "Shalom!" The curtain closes.

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