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Meat Machine, Print

Meat Machine, Print

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Meat Machine artwork in a Beautiful room with original art shown as Giclee print on wall

He's a man's man--really what Byte Wrangler isn't?--but he's got a heart of gold. In fact, it's nearly 24 carats after his silver one got ripped out during a particularly bloody battle for the outer Sledgelands. To Meat Machine's credit, it was a somewhat sizable Swamp Hedger, but he's not consoled by such things. "The only excuse in life is death." And since his Original Birth-Body Composition (OBBC) was down 36.5% last time he got Quarked, that line's starting to blur a bit.

But he's just happy to be human enough to still to qualify for Tokem rations. These days Meat's usually found wandering the hills of Stamish, taking the odd skeleton cleaning job here and there, chatting about The Previous with anyone who'll lend an ear. Won't you lend him yours?

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