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Underneath the boardwalk, long after everyone's gone back to their cozy homes, with bellies full of sugar and tubular mystery meat, where the halide streams through weathered planks, that's where he lurks. He eats sandwiches made from dearly departed pigeons and elephant ear parts dropped by carefree tourists. Once full, he sharpens discarded corn dog sticks, dips them in squid ink, and begins to write love poems on greasy napkins. He hides them throughout the beachside, hoping a random passerby should find his heart. Before dawn, he skulks back below the slats, and makes his bed from discarded food wrappers collected throughout the night. He drifts into sleep comforted by the rhythmic creaking of their soles on the wood above. He sleeps as fast as he can, and tomorrow, does it all again.

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