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Ember, Print

Ember, Print

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Ember artwork in a Beautiful room with original art shown as Giclee print on wall

First, take your favorite axe and chop a decent quantity of well-seasoned wood into campfire sized logs. Next, clear a circular space, leaving only flat, bare ground. Gather some medium-ish rocks and line the circle's perimeter for containment and insulation. Walk your area, and gather kindling, such as dry twigs and small sticks. The softer the wood the better, so if you're near pine, fir, or cedar, then congratulations.

Using the gathered material, form a lattice-like structure with the kindling as a base to encourage oxygenation. Now find some dry grass, leaves, or even dryer lint in a pinch, for tinder. Cover the kindling with the tinder. Light the tinder. After a short bit, gradually add more tinder and fan the flames. Blow on it. You'll figure it out. Finally, make a square shape with the logs right there in the fire. In the middle of the square, construct a teepee with some remaining logs.

Now time to sit back and watch the embers dance, remembering to feed her when she gets hungry.

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